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FFL Dealer
Gun Transfer Process

FFL Transfer Process

If you purchase a firearm and need it transferred to a licensed FFL, we can perform that for you. Please see the steps listed below to help you understand the process.

  • When you purchase the firearm of your choice, provide our information to your dealer as the designated ship-to FFL Dealer.

  • If they do not already have our FFL license information, this can be requested by selecting the FFL License Request button below.

  • Once we receive the shipment, we will check it in our system and will call you to let you know it is here.

  • Once you arrive, you will fill out a background check process electronically (4473 form). You must have a government issued identification (Ex. Driver's License) with your current address on the document. 

  • We will then perform a federal background check electronically with the information provided in your 4473 forms. 

  • Once your background check returns a Proceed status, you can take ownership of your gun, and this is updated in our system for ATF requirements. 

  • To offset the time and paperwork burden of this process, we currently charge $35.00 to complete this process. If you are having more than a few guns transferred, call ahead for an estimate. 

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