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FFL Dealer
Gun Transfer Process

FFL Transfer Process

If you purchase a firearm and need it transferred to a licensed FFL, we can perform that for you. Please see the steps listed below to help you understand the process.

  • When you purchase the firearm of your choice, provide our information to your dealer as the designated ship-to FFL Dealer.

  • If they do not already have our FFL license information, they can request this from us by sending us an email to asking for this information. We will respond back to them with our license copy, which will allow them to complete the checkout process in their system and ship the gun to us.

  • Once we receive the shipment, we will check it in our system and will call you to let you know it is here.

  • Once you arrive, you will fill out a background check process electronically (4473 form). You must have a government issued identification (Ex. Driver's License) with your current address on the document. 

  • We will then perform a federal background check electronically with the information provided in your 4473 forms. 

  • Once your background check returns a Proceed status, you can take ownership of your gun, and this is updated in our system for ATF requirements. 

  • To offset the time and paperwork burden of this process, we currently charge $35.00 to complete this process. If you are having more than a few guns transferred, call ahead for an estimate. 

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